The Dor Hadash Religious School provides Reconstructionist Jewish education in an after-school setting for children of grade-school age through Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Some post-Bnai Mitzvah programs are also held.

We provide a caring learning environment focused on those ingredients that each family will need to engage in the lifelong process of being a responsible Jew.

We promote true equality within the Jewish tradition; a sincere regard for other religions and cultures; an appreciation of the divine in the world around us and in each one of us; and continuing evolution of Jewish commitment.

More specifically, our aims are:
▪          To teach prayer and study as expressive and creative modes of spirituality,
▪          To present Torah as the continual, creative and sacred search for meaning in life,
▪          To encourage active, egalitarian and responsible participation in the Jewish community,
▪          To view mitzvot as our obligation to hallow all life through acts of social justice and compassion,
▪          To explore the diverse Jewish understandings of God and the search for holiness that underlies them,
▪          To foster knowledgeable ties to the land and people of Israel.
The Dor Hadash Religious School began as the Reconstructionist Children’s Study Group in 1987 and was later known as Dor L’Dor. It is now closely integrated with Congregation Dor Hadash, a member-led, open and welcoming congregation affiliated with the national Jewish Reconstructionist Communities (JRC).