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God is the sum of the animating, organizing forces and relationships which are forever making a cosmos out of chaos.

-Mordecai Kaplan

“Reconstructionism seeks to put gates through the fences that divide Jews into separate groups.”

-Mordecai Kaplan

"It’s not what is learned by heart that counts, but what the heart learns."

-Mordecai Kaplan

Who are we?

Recovery After Tree of Life Shooting
CBS 60 Minutes - October 20, 2019

The Fight to Make Meaning out of a Massacre      
The Atlantic September 2019

Dor Hadash Exemplifies Virtues of Reconstructionist Judaism
Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle September 18, 2019

Dor Hadash, targeted in massacre, declines to take part in Trump's Rosh Hashanah call                               Pittsburgh Post Gazette September 27, 2019

Dor Hadash exemplifies virtues of Reconstructionist Judaism                                                  
Pittsburgh Post Gazette September 23, 2019

ongregation Dor Hadash is Pittsburgh’s only DIY Reconstructionist Jewish Congregation. We are inclusive, egalitarian, and member-led. We are an active, socially engaged, community-oriented congregation, and we are passionate about repairing the world (tikkun olam). We are proud of our history of advocating for our vision of a shared society in which diversity is celebrated and white supremacy defeated. Through community and social action, we strive to tear down the walls that divide us while seeking to build a more just, thriving, and inclusive world for all of us.

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What is Reconstructionist Judaism?

Reconstructionist Judaism is a politically and religiously progressive Jewish movement that approaches both life and Judaism with a deep consideration of the past and a desire to create and share new ways of being Jewish and practicing our faith in the present.  Reconstructionists often say that the past has a vote but not a veto.

High Holy Days 5780
Kol Nidrey
Dan Leger
Rosh Hashanah - A New Generation
Kathleen Blee
100& Ashkenazi
Jo Recht

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Dor Hadash, located in the heart of Squirrel Hill, offers a lay-led, reconstructionist alternative. Join us on any Shabbat!