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General Inquiries

Voicemail: 412-467-6188 (Please leave a message and your call will be returned.)


●     Rabbi: Amy Bardack (she/her),
●     Congregational Administrator: Nicole Jenkins (she/her),
●     Bookkeeper: Janey Zeilinger (she/her),
●     Religious School Principal: Karen Morris (she/her),
●     Administrative Assistant: Jody Shapiro (she/her),

Board of Directors

●     President: Bruce Herschlag (he/him),
●     Vice President of Administration: Claudia Davidson (she/her),
●     Treasurer: Rob Kraftowitz (he/him),
●     President Elect:  Jo Recht (she/her),
●     Ritual: Hal Grinberg (he/him),
●     Education: Emily Koepsel-Rook (she/her),
●     Social Action: Rich Weinberg (he/him),
●     Membership: Judy Gusky (she/her),
●     Communications Chair: Dana Kellerman (she/her),

Standing Committee Chairs

●     Learning and Programming: Dan Heifetz (he/him),
●     Hesed: Libba Spiegel (she/her), 412-254-3358,
●     Kehillah: Lois Rubin & Joan Saroff (she/her & she/her),
●     Security: Kathleen Blee (she/her)
●     Technology: Jim Lenkner (he/him),

Auxiliary & Ad Hoc Committee Chairs

●     Alternative Dues: Janice Gordon (she/her)
●     Community Engagement: Chris Miller (she/her)
●     COVID-19: Rich Weinberg (he/him),
●     Dor Ha'ba (Young-ish Adult Group): JP Leskovich (he/him),
●     Inclusion: Beth Silver (she/her),
●     Legacy Memorialization: Karry Ban (she/her)
●     Memorialization: Jo Recht (she/her),
●     Strategic Planning Implementation: Sarah Angrist & Ellen Berne (she/her & she/her)