Worship in Celebration

We encourage all congregations to incorporate the celebration into their community activities for Shabbat either as part of services or as a separate event.

What you and your community can do to celebrate

  • Offer a special service on Friday, March 18; Saturday, March 19; or another date that fits your community's needs
  • Integrate discussion of the Bat Mitzvah Centennial into a service you're already hosting
  • Offer a special service to coincide with the date of the first Bat Mitzvah’s Torah portion, Ki Tisah
  • Get involved in a project by a women’s organization to write stories of their personal experiences of their bat mitzvahs

If you would like to have a liaison contact you or if you want ideas for activities, email batmitzvah100@dorhadash.net and we will connect you to someone.  We have many other suggestions to share.