Saturday, March 19th

We encourage each community to celebrate through ritual during Shabbat services or activities. Please visit Worship for ideas.

Sunday, March 20th


Sunday’s luncheon, speakers, and program will bring together the Jewish community of Pittsburgh and South-West Pennsylvania. It will be a time to visit with friends, meet new people over a lovely brunch (catered by Creative Kosher, Vaad Kosher), and listen to inspiring speakers.

Following lunch there will be a series of programs about the Bat Mitzvah, past and present of interest to young and old (see full schedule below).

In addition to the in-person event, the entire program will be available through live streaming.  We hope to reach a nation-wide audience as well as those locally.

Schedule (EST)

Please arrive early! Checking Covid vaccination status will slow down the seating process.
12:30 pm
Welcome & Introductions
1:00 pm
Keynote Address by Rabbi Dr. Deborah Waxman
2:30 pm
12:00 pm
- Quiet Pioneers: the Bat Mitzvah in Western PA
Eric Lidji (Rauh Jewish Archives) will reveal surprising facts and features from 95 years of bat mitzvah celebrations in Western Pennsylvania. Bring your bat mitzvah photographs and memorabilia to share with the community. 

- Adult Bat Mitzvah: Why do it, and how? What has it meant (or will it mean) to become a Bat Mitzvah later in life?
Women who have been or are preparing to become a bat mitzvah share their experience.  Bring your experiences or questions for discussion.

- B'Mitzvahs: The Next Frontier of Gender Inclusion
Local transgender Jewish professionals will share their perspectives on the B’Mitzvah as an evolving, non-binary approach to this rite of passage. Bring your questions about Jewish belonging and inclusion.