About Our Worship

At Congregation Dor Hadash, we offer a variety of worship opportunities. Our services are welcoming, uplifting, spiritual and thought-provoking. Our prayer book, Siddur Kol Haneshama, offers transliteration for those who do not read Hebrew and alternative readings to provide an individualized worship experience along with the communal prayer. While children are welcome at all services, there are some that are geared more towards those who are younger.

Many people think of a synagogue as just a building, but ours is so much more than that. Jewish tradition teaches that the synagogue is a Beit Tefilah (house of prayer), a Beit Midrash (house of study) and a Beit Knesset (house of community). At Dor Hadash we sing, pray and study together in an inclusive, egalitarian setting.

Service Leaders

Just as we share our worship as a community, we create our worship as a community. Guided by our Ritual Committee, members volunteer as lay-leaders for our services and collaboratively develop each ritual in keeping with our tradition of reconstructing Judaism. Together, we shape our prayers to our needs. We also grow with the guidance of spiritual professionals, some of whom have been part of our congregation for decades. No matter who leads services, each prayer is rooted in our core value of kehillah (community).

Open Door Policy

Since our founding in 1963, Dor Hadash has been committed to being a house of worship where all are welcome. In keeping with this goal, Dor Hadash invites anyone seeking a place to worship on Shabbat and other holidays to join us for services.

To ensure the strength of our synagogue community, we must have volunteer and financial support year-round. We, therefore, rely on people of good will to contribute their fair share. We anticipate that those who choose to attend our Shabbat or holiday services year after year will recognize the importance of formally joining our community. Our dues policy, based on the ability to pay, ensures that everyone can afford to join. We welcome you to become members of our Dor Hadash family.

During these difficult times, we are especially committed to welcoming new and old friends to our virtual services. Please email admin@dorhadash.net for more information about joining services.