More Activities

At Dor Hadash, there are countless ways members can get involved. Beyond our established committees, members often collaborate to lead a wide variety of activities. These activities are as beautifully diverse as our members. Some are new and some are old. Some are temporary and some are here to stay. Some happen regularly and some every now and then. Regardless of what we do, our congregation nurtures each member's vision and cherishes the community we create along the way. Listed below are just a few examples of these opportunities. To get involved, email for more information.

Inclusion Committee
This ad hoc committee works to ensure congregants have what they need in order to be involved in our community. Whether it means getting a Zoom tutorial before the High Holidays or having a sign language interpreter available, access can mean different things to different people. If there is something that may provide or improve access, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to find a solution.

Some areas we are already investigating include:
  • Alternate-format siddurim and machzorim (large print and Braille)
  • Captions for Zoom at least some services and other programming
  • Including information to access Zoom via telephone Sign language interpreters
  • Identifying the access needs of the congregation
If you have questions, accommodation requests or would like to join the Accessibility Committee, please contact Beth Silver or Anna Coufal at

Centralizing Information Ad Hoc Committee
The Centralizing Information Ad Hoc Committee has recently formed to reconfigure the way we store Dor Hadash's information. What do we wish we could easily save and access? With this group's input, we work toward creating an accessible system that meets everyone's needs and helps our members stay connected.

Dor Ha'Ba Ad Hoc Committee
Dor Ha’Ba strives to facilitate a welcoming, inclusive, and educational environment for people ages 18-40. We aim to establish a strong community within Dor Hadash that encompasses “the generation to come.” Just as being part of Dor Hadash and the broader Jewish community enriches our lives, we hope to bring new life and strength to them. Contact for more information.

Shira Song Group
Meet monthly with Dor Hadash members to sing some beloved Jewish songs.

Tech Support Team
This group of volunteers provides tech support to members. In this digital age, the tech support team is here and more than happy to show you the ropes.